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Technical support 24/7:

+38 067 960-86-73,  +38 067 271-77-80 (whatsapp, viber)  info@kps.in.ua

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About us:

KPS is a company specialized on sales and servicing of the prepress equipment. We offer CtP platesetters (Computer-to-Plate), imagesetters (CtF), workflows and rastering processors (RIPs), software solutions, plateprocessors, densitometers and other prepress equipment from leading manufacturers.

Also we supply spare parts and provide service and maintenance of prepress equipment from following manufacturers:

  • Heidelberg
  • Screen
  • Agfa
  • Fujifilm
  • Kodak (Creo/Scitex)
  • ECRM
  • Glunz&Jensen
  • Ovit
  • X-Rite
  • GretagMacbeth
  • Techkon
  • Viptronic

Our services:

  • Installation, dismantling, service and preventive maintenance of prepress equipment
  • Diagnostics and repairing of any complexity
  • Spare parts supply
  • Equipment and software remote diagnostics
  • Configuration and software upgrades
  • Staff training
  • Proofing device calibration and profiling
  • Dot gain adjustment
  • Installing and configuration of CIP3 technology
  • Repairing of color measurement tools (densitometers, spectrophotometers)

Our prices:

  • Service: 300 EUR/day (plus transport and accommodation for technician)
  • Remote support/diagnostics for software/hardware: 30 EUR/hour

Spare parts:

    Our company’s qualified engineers are pleased to offer a full range of maintenance, repair, calibration, and finding spare parts for your prepress equipment. Our engineers will provide you with advice on the correct choice of the necessary parts and perform their replacement.


Sobornosti ave., 7a
office 530,
Kyiv, Ukraine
p.o. box 145,
Kyiv, 02152, Ukraine
+38 067 960-86-73
  Oleksiy Pavlenko
+38 067 960-86-73
  Andrii Korobko
+38 097 910-47-27
  Volodymyr Sydoryk
+38 067 271-77-80
  Oleksandr Fridrikh
+38 096 444-09-11

Our team:

KPS is a team of highly qualified factory trained professionals who have higher engineering education and more than 10 years of experience in service of printing equipment. Every engineer complete manufacturers training courses and have “Certificates of Achievements”. Qualified specialists of our company are ready to help you at any time convenient for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Supported equipment:

Screen PlateRite PT-R 4000
Screen PlateRite PT-R 4000II
Screen PlateRite PT-R 4100
Screen PlateRite PT-R 4300
Screen PlateRite PT-R 4300E
Screen PlateRite PT-R 4300S
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8000
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8000II
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8100
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8300
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8300E
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8300S
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8600
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8600E
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8600S
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8600Z
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8200
Screen PlateRite PT-R 16000 Ultima
Screen PlateRite PT-R 24000 Ultima
Screen PlateRite PT-R 32000 Ultima
Screen PlateRite PT-R 40000 Ultima
Screen PlateRite PT-R 48000 Ultima
Screen FT-R 5040 Katana
Screen FT-R 5055 Katana
Screen DT-R 5120 Tanto
Screen DT-R 6120 Tanto
Heidelberg Topsetter 74
Heidelberg Topsetter 74P
Heidelberg Topsetter 102
Heidelberg Topsetter 102P
Heidelberg Topsetter 102PF

Agfa Acento E
Agfa Acento S
Agfa Acento IIE
Agfa Acento IIS
Agfa Avalon N4
Agfa Avalon N8
Agfa Azura
Agfa Elantrix
Agfa Autoloth

Fujifilm Luxel T6000
Fujifilm Luxel T9000
Fujifilm Luxel T9000HS
Fujifilm Dart
Fujifilm Javelin 8600E
Fujifilm Javelin 8600S
Fujifilm Javelin 8600Z
Fujifilm Javelin 8900E
Fujifilm Javelin 8900S
Fujifilm Javelin 8900Z
Fujifilm FLH 85
Fujifilm FLH 125

Kodak (Creo) Lotem 400
Kodak (Creo) Lotem 400 Quantum
Kodak (Creo) Lotem 800
Kodak (Creo) Lotem 800 Quantum
Kodak (Creo) Lotem XL
Kodak (Creo) Mercury 850
Kodak (Creo) Mercury 1250

Creo (Scitex) Dolev 200
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 400
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 250
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 450
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 2press
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 4press
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 4pressV
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 4pressV2
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 800
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 800V
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 800V+
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 800V2
Creo (Scitex) Dolev 800V3

Glunz&Jensen InterPlater 85
Glunz&Jensen InterPlater 125
Glunz&Jensen Quartz 85
Glunz&Jensen Quartz 125
Glunz&Jensen Raptor 85

OVIT Sirio 85
OVIT Sirio 120
OVIT Mizar 80
OVIT Mizar 120


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